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  About ITB

They’re our processes, but it’s your process that matters.

ITB is more than just a supplier. We believe in a role in which we’re closely involved in the development of your product and your production process. By gaining in-depth knowledge of your market, your product and your process, we can provide a seamless match to your specific needs. And through our innovations we can contribute to your success.

That doesn’t just sound promising, but it also delivers tangible benefits. Which is something we prove on a daily basis.

ITB offers a well balanced combination of delivery time, price and quality to specific markets.

As a supplier, if you want to really contribute to the specific wishes of your customer you have to know that customer. Down to the smallest details. When your requirements are at their most demanding is when ITB excels.

ITB adds since 1966 knowledge and experience to every component that it ships. Because we also believe strongly in permanent training of our people.

  Head office
Our website gives you a first impression of our company. But no more than that. If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!





ITB Precisietechniek

Adress:   Ladonkseweg 1
Zipcode: 5281RN
City:       Boxtel, Netherlands
Tel:        +31 411 661200

Fax:         +31 411 677987  General
             +31 411 673123  Toolshop & Stamping
             +31 411 671024  MIM
             +31 411 674762  Logistics & Molding 
                                      & Assembling
             +31 411 661268  Warehouse
             +31 411 677987  Finance

P.O.Box: 31
Zipcode: 5280 AA


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Parque Industrial Queretaro
Av. La Noria No. 110
Santa Rosa Jauregui
Queretaro, Qro. 76220
+52 442 2409172

Milady Horakové 2750
272 01 Kladno
Czech Republic
00420 312 66 20 41

Oudestraat 2
5469 GG Keldonk Netherlands
+31 413 341521

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