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  Metal injection molding
Metal injection moldingMetal Injection Molding  (MIM) is a specialised task. Precision work with advanced machines. And you’ll find it at ITB.
ITB uses MIM for metal parts with complex shapes in a broad diversity of materials, including Titanium as our specialty.

The base material is a mixture of plastic granulate and metal powder.
The plastic is subsequently removed by distortion-free debinding.
The resulting, still porous, products are then sintered in advanced furnaces at a temperature of around 1400°C under an inert gas atmosphere. Finally there remains a full metal product.

These MIM solutions find their applications in the machine industry, medical instruments, defence industry, consumer goods, aircrafts and automotive industry.
Together with the customer we develop the best solution for a new MIM product.
ITB disposes over knowledge, experience and facilities based on developments from almost 40 years of plastics molding and tooling experience and over 15 years of Metal Injection Molding experience.

Metal Injection Molding is a combination of thermoplastic injection molding and metallurgic technologies.
With this we are capable to manufacture complex metal parts in large quantities.
These facts in combination with the need for good material properties can lead to a tremendous cost reduction for the customer.
That is why it is important to come to solutions in a MIM way of thinking.
So use ITB’s expertise and ITB's MIM process when you are searching for solutions in:

* Complex metal parts (think 3 dimensional)
* With relatively high volumes
* And good material properties

ITB helps to create an optimal solution for MIM products which is quick and cost effective for you as customer so don't hesitate but contact us directly.

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