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  Injection molding
Injection moldingComplex injection molding is a challenge for our specialists. Our machinery consists of 94 injection molding machines, including 14 two-component injection-molding machines. The clamping forces ranges from 150 to 2000 kN (15 to 200 tons), so we can make every product for you up to a weight of approximately 200 grams.

We are specialized in making technical products with great dimensional accuracy in medium to large sized batches. Five shifts are working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to produce innovative injection molding products. That gives you maximum flexibility and a reliable delivery.
The production is virtually fully automated, allowing optimal use of the available shop floor. The entire process can be managed and controlled by only a handful of employees.
Several special injection moulding techniques we have in house, as:

- two component injection molding
- insert molding of metal contacts
- insert molding of filter material
- clean room molding

Often we use two component techniques for producing strong plastic parts with soft sealing surfaces and in several molds we have even combined these with metal inserts.

Our products are processed into both industrial equipment and consumer products. So you can find them in measuring and control equipment, domestic appliances, electro technical devices and products for the automobile industry.

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